Progressive Jackpot Tips

Introduction to Progressive Jackpots

Progressive games are different from regular games in that the jackpots tend to be larger. This is because the jackpot will keep growing until someone hits it. Many progressive jackpots are linked which means that all players who choose the same particular game from a particular group, regardless of the casino, will add to the same jackpot. These jackpots can grow to very large amounts because there are potentially a lot of people playing and adding to the jackpot. Another type of progressive jackpot is individual. This type of jackpot is usually smaller because the particular game will not contribute to other jackpots, nor will other jackpots contribute to it. It is a stand-alone game in that the jackpot will only increase as players play on that same machine.

Progressive Games

There are casino games besides slots that can also have progressive jackpots. These games include Blackjack which, like the original version, is just the dealer and player but the difference is the player has the option of placing a side bet of one credit that will make the player eligible for the progressive. If a player gets three sevens in a row, they win the jackpot. Poker can also have a progressive jackpot. Each round, players can place a side bet of one coin that will go towards the progressive jackpot. The first player to get a Royal Flush wins it. Roulette is another casino game that can be played progressively. The idea is to bet more and more each time you lose, that way when you win it will be a bigger amount. This is the riskiest of the progressive games because all of the money is yours and therefore you can potentially lose a very big amount.

Progressive Strategies

There are several strategies that players use when playing progressive games. The first requires the player to be patient. A progressive jackpot will always start low and gradually increase. If a player is willing to bet low until the jackpot becomes high enough that they will at least get their money back, they are more likely to win some money instead of still being in the red. Some players choose to play a progressive jackpot game only after it has reached a certain amount. This will guarantee them their desired amount should they win but it does not increase the chances of winning.