Neteller is an online account or electronic wallet that allows you to shop online safely, while ensuring the anonymity of its holder.

Neteller has been active for over 10 years and will allow you to deposit and withdraw funds from your casino account very fast and safe. Casinos welcome requests for deposits and withdrawals via Neteller, and provide control information on the account and the casinos will ask for fewer documents!

Opening a Neteller account is very simple. In three simple steps, you will need to enter your personal information and your account will be active within a few days. Only then a small effort will facilitate all transactions with your casino account.

How to use Neteller

A Neteller account can be financed through:

Bank transfer (wire) national or international level : the transaction requires 2 to 5 working days but is completely free;
Visa card : The credit is immediate, but there is a fee of 1.75% on deposit. The good thing is that some online casinos cover expenses for deposits made ​​with Neteller InstaCash.
The negative points are that, unfortunately some customers can not use credit cards belonging to others than Visa and that the maximum limit which you can fund a Neteller account is 750 euros.

With Neteller you will also get a credit card, which has a usage limit of 100 euros.

Neteller is therefore recommended for players who want to ensure total privacy but do not need to take advantage of having more money.