Moneybookers  ( is the electronic portfolio that differs from others because it requests only an email address and registration is absolutely free.

Moneybookers allows you to make payments in real time and receive their winnings in no time, assuring total privacy because the data is credit card protected during transactions.

It is also a very secure method, because the account is protected by the Turing number system that does not allow automatic access to the account.

Moneybookers and Online Casinos

All online casinos accept payments from Moneybookers accounts and require fewer documents to their players that use this method of deposit / withdrawal. Moneybookers provide the control data of its customers, who will ask on request, some documents.

A Moneybookers account can be funded in the following ways:

National and international bank transfer : completely free
Credit cards from all major circuits are available: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club.
The maximum credit limit is 1000 euros per month (reduced to 600 euros for financing through credit card), but this can be increased after sending certain required documents.

To withdraw money from a Moneybookers account you can instead use the bank transfer or Visa credit cards at a cost of 1.80 euros, or have a check sent for 3.50 euros.

Moneybookers is  recommended for players who want the maximum guarantee of confidentiality (Moneybooker acts as an intermediary between your bank and websites where you will make purchases), security (not included are the data of your credit cards, though access to Moneybookers funds via e-mail address, password and Turing number of security) and speed of transactions.

Moneybookers also is the ideal choice for players in possession of credit cards such as Diners Club that can not be directly used for deposits in many online casinos.