Click2Pay is an electronic wallet that provides a service to conduct transactions completely safe, even at online casinos, because after registration, you will no longer be required to enter any personal data.

Opening a Click2Pay account is completely free and requires you to enter some simple information and in no time you will have an online account available.

How to use Click2Pay

The Click2Pay account can be funded through:

bank transfer : in just 3 days and at a cost of 2.50 euros;
Credit and debit cards of the major international companies : in 3 working days and a commission of 3%;
As for withdrawals, it may be required the immediate issuance of a debit card, Click2Pay, costing 10 euros or by sending a check to the address at a cost of 2 euros and with waiting times of 3 – 5 working days.

Click2Pay is distinguished from other electronic wallets because financing does not pose limits to their account, thus allowing the possibility of spending a higher amount.
Online casinos encourage the use Click2Pay as a method of deposit and withdrawal, as its security system uses the latest encryption techniques.

Making a deposit and a withdrawal from your casino account with Click2Pay is quite easy with very short waiting times.

Click2Pay e-wallet is preferred by players who want maximum security associated with the ability to make larger deposits.