Online Slot Machine Paylines

Submitted by Evan on Tue, 2010-07-27 at 14:52

As online slots software becomes more sophisticated, developers continue to find new ways to increase players’ chances of winning. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find online slots that have 100 paylines or more, but it doesn’t always mean that a machine with more paylines is necessarily better.

A larger number of paylines offers players many different chances to win, allowing for many different types of winning combinations. While this seems like a great opportunity, many players cannot afford to bet on all of the paylines on a particular slots game. If there are 100 paylines, a frugal player is likely to place only $0.01 on each of them. Even if the player wins, a $0.01 wager is not enough to bear any substantial cash prizes.

A better option for cautious gamblers would be to play an online slots game with less than 9 paylines. This allows for players to place a substantial wager on all paylines, which would bear profitable results should they obtain a winning combination.

There is also a new innovation that eliminates the use of paylines: All Pays slot machines. These games do not require players to bet on particular paylines. Instead, a player’s single wager activates all possible winning combinations. This is a much more profitable system for all types of players, but it is still a very new innovation. The trend has been slow to catch on, but it is likely that more and more online casino operators will be looking for more efficient ways to increase the number of paylines on their slot machines.


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