Online Casino Bonus Games

Submitted by Beth on Tue, 2010-08-17 at 15:43

While playing online slots can be exciting in itself, bonus games help to make things even more intriguing. As slot machines become more and more advanced, however, so to must their accompanying bonus games. Over the years, we have seen bonus games go from randomized games of chance to arcade-style games of skill.

The most common type of bonus games in the online slots world is the “Pick A Box” game. After entering the bonus round, players are required to pick one of three boxes for their prize. The prizes usually consist of multipliers or bonus cash. Bonus rounds have developed immensely recently, and the Pick A Box Game is now very difficult to find among newer online slots.

Now, online casino operators are looking for more sophisticated games that require skill. Sometimes, players are required to have dexterity in order to success. Cryptologic’s Batman slot is a great example, as players must throw ‘batarangs’ at the Joker’s henchmen. Each time a henchman is defeated, the player earns bonus cash. Call of Duty and other video-game based slots have similar bonus rounds.

Other games have more simplistic bonus games, which only require intelligence – for those who lack the coordination to throw ‘batarangs’ or fire a gun. For example, Party Casino’s Circus online slots game sometimes requires players to fit a number of clowns into a clown car. Players must use their brain to determine which clowns will actually fit. If the player succeeds, they are awarded one lump sum.

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