Hacker Steals Billions of Chips from Online Poker App

Submitted by Beth on Wed, 2011-02-02 at 16:28

Zynga PokerPeople take these Facebook applications very seriously nowadays. There are hundreds of thousands of players on Zynga Poker, many of which dedicate hours upon hour to earn millions of chips and a Level 100 status. One man tried to cheat the system, however, after stealing 400 billion chips from the popular online poker application.

The culprit was Ashley Mitchell, as reported by Calvin Ayre’s blog. The estimated value of his plundering was about $12 million, and he attempted to sell his chips on eBay for about $600 per billion. It was on eBay that his plan was discovered, after he earned $80 000 from his master plan. Unfortunately for Mitchell, he shortchanged himself, as his sale price would have earned him only $300 000 in total if he had sold all of his chips, causing him to miss out on potentially millions of dollars.

While there is an infinite supply of virtual currency and Zynga Poker was actually not deprived of any cash or goods, Prosecutor Gareth Evans stated that it still deserves protection. So, although Mitchell’s crime was, truly, a victimless one, he will still face time in jail.

There is no word yet on whether or not Zynga will honour the chips that players bought from Mitchell.

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