Spiderman Slot

Spiderman has unfortunately gone offline, along with all the other Marvel slots; however, we’ve got great news for you! There’s a brand new range of DC Comic slots that have taken the Internet by storm. These comic themed games bring to life all your favourite super heroes and villains, and offer just as much as fun- if not more-than before. You can give slots like Batman & Cat Woman Cash, Superman Last Son of Krypton, Wonder Woman, The Flash Velocity, Hellboy and even The Flintstones a try, and stand a chance of winning big with every spin!

Spiderman Revelations is the second Spiderman game from Cryptologic’s Marvel Superheroes slots series. Much like the second installment of the Spiderman movie series, this game follows the hero’s quest to defeat Dr. Octopus. The game’s symbols even feature scenes from the movie, with illustrated screen caps of Spiderman foiling the Dr. Octopus.

There is a wide array of betting options available, attractive for both frugal gamers and high rollers alike. Players can bet anywhere from $.01 to $5 with 13 different denominations in between. There are also 25 paylines, so players can make a maximum bet of $125 at one time.

The wild symbol is Spiderman himself, and pays out double the players winning whenever it is revealed. When five wild symbols appear, the machine will pay out the game’s maximum jackpot of $5000. When 3 or more scatter symbols appear, the Doctor Octopus bonus feature is triggered. During this game, Dr. Octopus will throw a passenger at Spiderman while displaying the number of free spins and multipliers that they player would earn by saving them. If the player wants a better offer, they can choose to neglect that passenger.

As an added bonus, Spiderman Revelations is linked to the progressive jackpot pool for all of Cryptologic’s Marvel Superhero slots. In order to win this jackpot, there is no pre determined sequence of events required. Instead, the jackpot is triggered randomly. With the popularity of Marvel Slots taking over, the prizes that players are eligible to win can be very attractive.