Online Slots

Online Slot machines are a web casino option designed to make the player feel as though they were playing in a live casino. No other casino game has made the transition from land to web look so effortless, delivering a total slot simulation on your computer screen at the click of a button.

For many online slot gamers, nothing beats seeing the classic arcade, pub and casino slot features being brought to life on their PC’s. From the moment you sign into an online casino, the choice of slot games are endless. Choices range from classic pub fruit machines to Vegas mega-slots. Spin the reels and see the regular symbols such as BAR, 777, Gold Bells, Tuity Fruitie, XXX and others. Then added features include nudges, holds, free spins, win multipliers, bonus screens and progressive jackpot ladders – all designed to maintain player interest.

Online casino operators have had a difficult time transferring poker and other card games to an enjoyable online version but slots have made an easy transition. Land-based slot machines comprise a screen almost like the one on a computer so players have had an easier time adjusting to the difference. While online slots are computerized and traditional land-based slots spin on a reel, both ways produce the same random results with the same concepts behind them.

Slot machines vary greatly in difficulty and style, ensuring online casino players, beginner or advanced, can find a slot machine game they will enjoy. Just like the slots that anyone can walk up to, click and play, the web is loaded with a huge choice of basic 3-Reel slots, with fun arcade themes and simple luck-based spins.

Players can choose between 3 and 5 reels and multiple pay-lines, based on their comfort level with the game. The best thing about the online slot world is the fact that you can find betting levels as small as 0.01, all the way to max wager of 200.00 per spin whereas most card games involve betting minimums.

Leading Industry Payouts

Some people believe that there is a strategy to slots, whether online or in-house. The truth, however, is that the reels land on the symbols randomly so it is better to focus on your luck than a gaming strategy. Remember that you are not playing with another person; it is completely computerized leaving no way to guess at the results.

Don’t let that scare you away from playing. Online slot machines have high payout ratios, averaging 95-99% and it is not unheard of to find that some payouts have topped 100%. High payout ratios mean players will experience frequent wins and be able to game extensively with a small budget. The longer you can play, the better your chances of being on the machine when the jackpot comes up.

The best feature of online slot machines is the option to test out a game before depositing money. If you don’t like the game (or the casino it comes from) open an account elsewhere without having lost any money.

Online Slot History

With all of the likeness to live casinos, online casinos are more than keeping up with changes. It’s hard to even imagine the first conception of the slot machine but, like all great things, its origins are small and simple.

Back in 1891, Sittman and Pitt invented the first ever slot machine game concept, with 50 playing card symbols and 5 drums, complete with classic card hands. Winners would pick up free drinks and cigars for a winning combo. However, it wasn’t until 1895 that Charles Fey invented the world’s first genuine slot machine.

After many re-designs the Mills Liberty Bell slot machine was launched complete with all the trimmings such as cast iron holdings and progressing to decorative feet in later models. Forget about melons, 777 and BAR, this machine contained only the true classic reel combos, such as the king, queen and jack – spread across three reels holding 20 icons.

This classic Liberty Bell is the true father of modern slot gaming and the machine was quickly upgraded in 1910 to include a gooseneck coin slot and the iconic fruit icons were released.

From that point onwards the slot madness has been virtually non-stop, with lighter wooden machines soon making the heavy metal monsters collectors’ items and in 1930 came the first slot revolution with the introduction of double jackpots and themed games.

By the late 19th century, slot machines in the USA were responsible for approximately 2/3 of all casino revenue, not bad for a game that had to prove itself to gamers.

Between 1930 and the year 2000 the face of slots was revolutionised once again, with the machines becoming ever more powerful and intrinsically playable for all levels of gamers, even for serious table gamers. From one pay line and three basic reels, slot games can now deliver multiple pay lines, interactive skill games, 5 reels and the previously mentioned features.

Ever since Charles Fey came up with the brilliant idea of a slot machine from humble roots and clanking metal machinery it has been on an amazing journey, growing into the multitude of slots available on the web today. The journey onto the web was inevitable, and online slot gaming is probably the most realistic casino games option on the web. Online slot machines deliver the ultimate slot experience; truly the pinnacle of the slot machine’s rise to fame.

Online Slot Strategy

Online Slots are one of the most intrinsically enjoyable casino experiences. However, being based on luck and chance, the game seems to lack any skill requirement, but is an array of strategies that have consistently proven to give some gamers an edge over others.

Slot strategy 1 – The play through system

The play through system is one of the oldest and most trusted slot strategies, and can be applied whenever you find a machine that appears to be regularly paying out:

  • Locate a slot machine that is frequently delivering winning combos
  • Play the machine through once with your session bankroll
  • Don’tre-invest your winnings; quit after one bankroll
  • You may consider playing through once more with the original bankroll if the machine is looking hot – but don’t push your luck beyond 2 bankrolls!

Slot strategy 2 – The Step-down system

The step-down system in your locker can set you apart from the mug slot players. This clever slot system allows gamers to stretch their bankrolls to either elicit a healthy profit, or to maximize gaming time during a game:

  • Select a machine with a per-defined coin size (for example, 10.00 per spin).
  • Spin until you have wagered half of your session bankroll.
  • Total-up your new session bank balance.
  • If the sum is in excess of your starting bank – play the second half of your bankroll through the machine.
  • If the sum is less than your starting bank – step-down to the next lowest coin size/machine.

Slot Strategy 3 – Percentage Play System

Clever slot gamers don’t just ‘click and spin’; they use logic to outwit the probability of the slot machine with percentage play: Set a fixed session bankroll

  • Wager a maximum of 5% of your bank per spin
  • Re-calculate 5% of your bank after each spin
  • Quit the machine if you lose 50% of your initial bank
  • Quit if you are winning and hit 10 losing spins

The leading web casinos deliver a huge range of slot machines, with average payouts as high as 98.5%. Even playing with no strategy can deliver frequent wins and prolonged gaming sessions with a limited bankroll. However, by playing it safe by finding generous machines, you can use slot strategies that could give you a significant edge.

Online Slot Rules

Online slot machines are the most intrinsically playable games online and the best option for instant, thrill-filled gaming satisfaction, mostly because of the user-friendly rules and gaming options.

Slots are one of the games least restrictive in terms of rules and traditionally it’s very hard to break them, unless you’re one of those people who react physically when you lose. The biggest rules in slots are really just wager limits and betting options.

Wager Limits

Just like the slot machines you can find in pubs, casinos and arcades, online slot games have pre-defined wager limits, depending on the casino and specific machine. If you play offline slots, no doubt you’ve walked into the casino and seen the penny machines with £10 max bet limits, or alternatively wowed at the games with huge wager levels. The web is no different, with an array of coin sizes and betting limits.

Delving into the best web casinos will offer you a multitude of slot betting options, ranging from as little as 0.10 per spin, up to 200.00 per play.

Coin Size & Jackpots

It’s vital to grasp the importance of coin size when it comes to online slot gaming because it makes a potentially massive difference to your payouts if you strike a win!

If you want to be a true slot king then you need to be willing to place high bets. For example, a slot jackpot may be 50 000.00 (a realistic jackpot in many web slots), however to qualify for the max payout, it’s necessary to play with the highest wager limit (in other words, the online casino jackpot is usually paid out in coins, such as 5000 coins).

Example 5000 Coin Jackpot

Max Bet = 100.00

Jackpot = 100.00 x 5000 = 50 000.00

Even for low value wins (such as matching three cherries), your bet size can make a big difference to your payout expectations, so don’t expect a huge win if you’re only gaming with 0.10 per spin!

Pay line Activation

In addition to coin size and wager value, you don’t want to miss out on a potential jackpot by misunderstanding the concept of pay lines (simply the lines you can form winning combos along).

In the most basic 3 reel slots, you don’t have anything to worry about, since there’s only one pay line, however the big slots can contain twenty or more lines in multiple directions.

If you want to ensure you never miss out on a potential win you need to trigger every pay line whenever you click to spin. Selecting every pay line doesn’t mean you need to bet big because you can choose to play with the minimum coin size:

Example: 20 pay line spin with a coin size of 0.10

Paylines = 20

Coin Number = 5

per line Minimum coin size = 0.10

Wager per spin = 20 x 0.50 = 10.00

One of the biggest decisions is whether to wager a higher level over a few lines, or to activate multiple lines with a small coin size. This is a decision you can only really make for yourself. Do you want frequent low value wins, or bigger but less frequent winning combinations? Use our casino reviews to find a free-play slot casino and test out the different options.