Online Keno

Keno is an instant way to have fun online and win cash without having any gambling skill or knowledge. Keno resembles bingo and other lotto style games, and delivers some amazing payouts. We’ve researched many of the web’s leading keno providers and have discovered that you can frequently find jackpot payouts of up to 3000 coins! Of course, you can play web Keno with a huge range of wager levels, so payouts depend on your gaming budget.

Most online Keno games are played with 80 balls, which are randomly drawn using the latest in gaming technology to ensure totally fair gaming. Keno players must select 25 numbers before the Keno spinner is launched and bets are frozen. The amount of money the player wins depends on how many numbers that they correctly choose.

Keno is one of the oldest games in existence, but you’ll love the thrill of technologically-advanced online Keno.

Online Keno History

The roots of Keno are thought to date back to 3000 years ago during Cheung Leung’s Han Dynasty. The creation of the game is thought to be the result of the desperate emperor Cheung Leung’s needto fund his war. Rather than imposing illegal taxes, Cheung invented a lotto game to compensate.

The idea behind Cheung Leung’s conception of the lotto, is said to come from a famous Chinese poem, "The Thousand Character Classic". The poem is still a classic learning tool for Chinese children learning how to count to 1000, as poem contains unique symbols. Originally, 120 icons were selected and divided into groups of eight groups. Any player who chose a complete subdivision of icons would win. Incredibly, the game raised enough funds to save the city!

Following the war, Keno became popular across the country, where it became known as ‘White Pigeon’, a name born from the fact that a pigeon was often used to send Keno results far and wide. Even more fascinating is the fact that Keno funded the construction of the Great Wall of China!

While China lay a foundation to the Western interpretation of Keno, the game did not set sail for Europe until the dawn of the 1900s. The concept of Keno that we recognize today emerged in the Americas, courtesy of Chinese sailors who migrated to San Francisco. The game became a rampant success, and exploded in popularity once the Chinese symbols were changed with American symbols.

In 1931 gambling was finally legalized in the USA, but lotteries were still banned. However, officials changed the name of the game to Race Horse Keno, where all symbols were transformed into horses, instantly legalizing the game! The game returned to ‘Keno’ when lotteries were legalized, but even today, individual rounds of keno are known as races.

Online Keno Strategy

Keno is exhilarating, fun and potentially lucrative. However, the fact still remains that it is a lottery game, so are you chances of winning all based on luck? The keno spinner is a completely random device, powered by cutting edge computer technology. According to the rules of probability, every number has an equal chance of being drawn.

Common Keno strategies

While the probability involved in online Keno dictates that the game is based on chance, many gamers still swear by certain strategies and gambling systems:

The Andruci Keno Principle

The Andruci system is based on the concept of ‘order among chaos’, suggesting that identifying frequently winning numbers is a great way to achieve success! For example, if the numbers 8, 12, 13, 20 and 6 were frequently being drawn, they would make good picks in the next race.

The Anti-Andruci Keno System

As its name suggests, this systems works in exactly the opposite way. The Anti Andruci Keno system works on the belief that frequently pulled numbers are less likely to be called in future races. If a player who practices this method saw the same 8, 12, 13, 20 and 6 being called frequently, then they would choose to avoid those numbers in future races.

Successive numbers

If you’re a regular lotto player, you may already find it amazing how often pairs of consecutive numbers are drawn. While can be attributed to pure chance, there is little proof that it should work consistently, but it is still a very popular online keno strategy.

Remember that there is nothing particularly skilled about Keno, and while some strategies may have some logic, the game remains predominantly down to good fortune – the question is can you find a way of making your own luck?

Online Keno Rules

Keno is a very straight forward game to follow, factor which has contributed to its great success among gamers of all ages. In essence, online Keno is a simple, high-speed lotto game, where you can enjoy hundreds of Keno races with a small budget. There are no complex rules; just write down your lucky numbers and click to play. Here is a quick rundown of Keno’s simple rules:

  • Enter a game and use the + and – icons to select a game price
  • Select anywhere from 4 to 10 numbers, from 1-80 (these numbers are also called Spots)
  • Keep a close eye on the Keno board as the Keno spinner launches random ball to see if any of your numbers are called.

Each Keno game is known as a Keno race. In many casinos, you can boost your success rate by playing multi-race Keno, which allows you to play many keno games simultaneously.

Keno wager levels can range widely, but wagers are available from as little 0.10. Although Keno has relatively low odds of winning, there is still the chance of winning huge sums of cash with very small bets. In fact, it is not unusual for players to win 50 000.00 with a 1.00 bet.

Many web casinos have no limit on the number of Keno tickets you can buy in each game. So, there’s nothing stopping players from having 10 cards packed full of different numbers. The more you play, the higher your chance of winning!