Casino Bonus

There are many different types of casino bonuses that are designed to increase player satisfaction. Usually, well-known casinos offer the best rewards because they already have a number of consistent players. Lately, however, new online casinos are offering competitive bonuses in order to attract players and the system seems to be working. Some players are constantly on the lookout for ways to stretch their dollar and maximize playing time.

A welcome bonus can also be known as a sign-up bonus or new player bonus and just about every online casino has them. They are worth, on average, about $100 in extra play money for new players. Players should note, however, that an online casino with a welcome bonus significantly higher than $100 should read the fine print and watch out for any conditions. Welcome bonuses are available to all new players who open their first account with any given online casino.

Reload bonuses are usually offered anytime you reload your account. They are often worth 100 percent of your deposit, up to a certain amount (ex. $100). These bonuses often help change the minds of people who are uncertain whether they will play again or not.

Preferred deposit bonuses are awarded to players who use a particular casino’s favoured deposit method. This often occurs when a casino and a payment method have some type of deal. The casinos are often given bonuses when players use the preferred deposit method and, in turn, pass those bonuses onto their players. These bonuses, like all the others, are capped at a certain percentage of the deposit or on the amount of the deposit itself.

Many online casinos have loyalty programs that benefit players who continue to give the same casino their patronage. These are called loyalty programs or loyalty bonuses and they usually kick in after a certain number of deposits or after being a member for specified length of time. A casino’s loyalty members will receive notices on new bonus options and other random promotions.

There are also bonuses available randomly throughout any given week or month. Weekly bonuses are usually in the form of tournaments while monthly bonuses can range from a tournament to a specified progressive slot machine game. Prizes vary greatly with each casino and can come in the form of cash or other rewards.