The Best Blackjack Books to Improve Your Strategy

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Blackjack is one of the most popular online Casino games because the power really lies in the hands of the player. With Blackjack, you can decide your own fate and the way to improve your chances is simply through lots of practice! By learning perfect Blackjack strategy you will be able to narrow the house edge to virtually nil and get your hands on some serious cash prizes.

There are many ways that players might decide to study perfect Blackjack strategy but, even in this modern age of technology, some of the old Blackjack books still provide the best information for honing your craft.

Picking the right book is crucial, however, as over the years both online and real life Casinos have worked to protect themselves against the strategies taught in some Blackjack books. Below is a list of some of the best Blackjack strategy books that have stood the test of time and will help you on your way to making the big bucks at any online Casino.

Playing Blackjack as a Business by Lawrence Revere (1969)

This might be the oldest book in the list but its technique remains some of the most effective when playing Blackjack. It’s referred to by many Blackjack champions as the Bible of Blackjack and is an absolute must-have for any budding young Blackjack players. Topics advance throughout the book as players improve, making its advice relevant to players of all standards.

The Theory of Blackjack by Peter A. Griffin (1999)

If you think you’ve got what it takes to master the art of card counting then this book will be your definitive guide. Card counting relies on purely mathematical facts, allowing you to not only understand how to win at Blackjack but to get a grasp on how it works.

If you have a head for numbers then you’ll find this Blackjack book absolutely fascinating.

The 29 Minute Card Counting Book by Ben Crawford

This modern take on Blackjack strategy is designed for those without much time for reading big long books, however interesting they might be. In face it’s perfect for the modern generation of commuters as it’s only available as an eBook, and so can be read whenever you have a free moment.

Instead of complicating matters with complex formulas, the 29 Minute Card Counting Book introduces readers to far simpler methods that make the whole concept of card counting much easier to digest. You won’t even realise quite how quickly you’re picking it up until all of a sudden you find yourself winning time and again at online Blackjack.

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